Basic Laboratory Chest Freezer BLCF 440

Basic Laboratory Chest  Freezer  BLCF 440

Structure : completely in sheet
steel white epoxy coated (rustproof
material) outside, and
embossed aluminium inside. All the
internal corners are rounded to
make easy any cleaning operation
• Insulation : high density (40
Kg/m³) foamed-in-place
polyurethane, with a thickness of
100 mm. CFC-free
• Feet : Nr 4, fix, made in sheet steel
white epoxy coated, to grant
maximum stability and durability
• Lid : Nr 1 hinged, fully insulated,
realized in sheet steel white epoxy
coated outside and atoxic plastic
material inside. The lid is fitted up
with counterbalanced hinges (to
avoid unexpected lid closing),
perimetric magnetic rubber gasket
(granting a perfect seal) and
security key locking
• Internal equipment : Nr 6 open
wire baskets made in sheet steel
white enameled. The basket is
supported by a special profile inside the freezer
• Internal lighting : Nr 1 bulb, mounted in the internal side of the lid, with automatic activation at every lid opening
through a special switch
• Control panel : incorporated in the handle, with soft-touchpads controls. The control panel includes:
• LED display and settings buttons : Showing the actual internal temperature and through the setting button possible to select the desired temperature within the freezer working range
• Alarm functions : for both high temperature and lid open. The alarm signalling is visual (with a red colour LED)
and acoustic (through a buzzer) for high temperature while acoustic only for lid open. The intervention limits are
factory set and not adjustable. The alarm works only in case of presence of electricity
• Super freezing button : increasing the freezing capabilities in case of new material to be frozen
• Cooling unit : compound by a hermetically sealed compressor (placed in the bottom part of the cabinet), a condenser
(located in the back side of the cabinet) and foamed into the insulation of all storage chamber walls, there are the
evaporating pipes, in order to grant the maximum temperature stability and uniformity. All the used components are
industrial grade granting the maximum reliability
• Defrosting : manual, with discharging hole for draining facilities for the derivate water
• Refrigerant : CFC- and HCFC-free
• Refrigeration : static, with evaporating pipes throughout all the chamber in order to grant maximum temperature
stability and uniformity
• Temperature range : infinitely adjustable between -16°C and -25°C, granted at ambient temperature up +43°C
• Voltage (V/ph/Hz) : 220-230/1/50
• Plug : Schuko type
• Gross capacity (litres) : 460
• Net capacity (litres) : 440
• Dimensions (W x D x H cm) : 165 x 81 x 92 (handle included in the depth)
• Net weight (Kg) : 120
• Packed dimensions (W x D x H cm) : 177 x 95 x 115 (1,93 m³)
• Gross weight (Kg) : 135

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