Ultra Low Freezer ULF 480 PRO2

Ultra Low Freezer - ULF 480 PRO2

Structure : upright type, realized in sheet
steel painted white colour (rust- and
corrosion-proof) outside and stainless steel
18/10 AISI 304 inside
• Insulation : injected polyurethane a high
density, with a thickness of 130 mm. CFCfree
• Casters : Nr 4 made in rubber and
swivelling in order to make easy any moving
required. The castors mounted in the front
side are fitted up with brakes with foot lever
control to block them once the freezer has
been positioned
• Door : Nr. 1, hinged, fully insulated,
externally it is executed in the same material
of the structure (sheet steel painted white
colour) while internally it has non-conductive
material. A perfect hermetic closing is
assured through a double gasket system,
one, magnetic mounted on the door itself
and another one, silicone type, mounted on
the structure of the freezer. The gaskets are
even provided with a special heating system
to prevent the freezing and thanks to the
vacuum-release valve the door can be
immediately re-opened a closing. In the right
part of the door is mounted the effort-free
locking mechanism which incorporate the
safety key lock
• Inner doors : Nr 2, hinged, reaalized in
stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 in the external
side and non-conductive material in the
internal one. The inner doors prevent aircold
loss at the external door opening and
they are also provided with a locking
mechanism with a lever
• Internal equipment : Nr 3 storage shelves realized stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 that divides the storage chamber in
4 compartments with dimensions (W x D x H) 60 x 59 x 31 cm each. The shelves are is mounted on brackets and they
can be easily adjusted in height or removed without the use of any tool. Shelf dimensions (W x D) 60 x 59 cm
• Control panel “PRO2” : located in the bottom part of the structure (under the door) is microprocessor operating with
soft-touchpads, LED display and warning lamps, allowing the control of all the functions and working status of the
freezer (including alarms). The control panel is battery operating in order to grant the functioning of the alarms even in
case of power failure. The main functions of the control panel are :
• Digital temperature adjusting and displaying with an accuracy of 0,5°C
• Warning lamp signalling when the cooling unit is ON
• Keyboard block with a password to avoid tampering from unauthorized persons
• Visual and acoustic alarm for high or low temperature with programmable limits
• Visual and acoustic alarm for door ajar, delayed of 30 seconds to allow the standard operations
• Visual and acoustic alarm for power failure
• Visual and acoustic alarm for dirty condenser that limit the cooling unit performances
• Visual alarm for discharged battery with the possibility to display the charging status
• Temporally muting of the acoustic alarms, with automatic re-activation in case the alarm conditions continues
• NO/NC contact
• RS 485
• Cooling unit : bottom mounted, compounded by Nr 2 hermetic compressors (cascade) with a power of 1 HP each, Nr
1 finned condenser, air cooled through a fan and special electro-valves. The cooling unit compartment is adequately
acoustically insulated to limit the noise level. Also, foamed into the insulation of all storage chamber walls, there are
the evaporating pipes, in order to grant the maximum temperature stability and uniformity. All the mounted
components are industrial grade to grant the maximum reliability
• Refrigerant : CFC-free
• Refrigeration : static, with evaporating pipes throughout all the chamber in order to grant maximum temperature
stability and uniformity
• Temperature range : infinitely adjustable between -60°C / -86°C
• Voltage (V/ph/Hz) : 220-230/1/50
• Plug : Schuko type
• Noise level (dB(A)) : ≤ 52
• Capacity (litres) : 480
• Dimensions (W x D x H cm) : 91 x 89 x 199
• Net weight (Kg) : 310
• Packed dimensions (W x D x H cm) : 107 x 107 x 225 (2,58 m³)
• Gross weight (Kg) : 340

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