AFIAS-6 is a next-generation, semi-automatic, desktop fluorescence processing and scanning instrument for measuring the concentration of target analytes in human blood, urine and other specimens in various specially designed cartridges, which will be properly processed and tested in accordance with AFIAS-6 Immunoassay Test procedures.

AFIAS-6 features semi-automatic operations: once users apply a sufficient amount of samples to each cartridge, AFIAS-6 will finish the rest of testing procedures (including automatic precision pipetting).

420 x 336 x 293 mm
15.1 kgs
100 – 240V AC, 50-60Hz
Internal temperature control

QC / Calibration
2 calibrators & 2 controls
Internal & external controls

7″ touch screen
Built-in thermal printer
RS 232 / USB port / Ethernet / SD card slot
LIS / HIS compatible

5,000 patient results
5,000 QC results
100 ID chips
100 User IDs

Up to 36 tests / hour

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