Basic Laboratory Freezer Glass Door BLFG 380

• Structure : upright type, realized in sheet steel epoxy coated white colour (rustproof
material) outside and atoxic plastic material inside. All the internal corners
are rounded to make easy any cleaning operations
• Insulation : high density (40 Kg/m³) foamed-in-place polyurethane, with a
thickness of 50 mm. CFC-free
• Feet/Rollers : Nr 2 feet, adjustable in height for levelling, mounted in the front
side and Nr 2 rollers mounted in the back side, to make easy any moving
• Glass door : Nr. 1, hinged, made a perimetrical aluminium frame white colour
and three layers of heated tempered insulating glass, with vacuum among the
glass layers in order to increase the insulating rate and heating film for the full
door height to prevent condensation and frost. The door is provided with a
removable magnetic rubber gasket in order to grant a perfect hermetic closing.
The handle is incorporated in the door frame and it is flush-fitting type so does
not increase the size of the refrigerator. The door is also fitted with a spring
loaded automatic closing device for openings inferior then 90°
• Internal equipment : Nr 3, storage open wire shelves realized sheet steel with a
strong plastic coating (rust-proof material) . The shelves are easily removable
and adjustable in height, without the use of any tool, as they fit into a series of
fixed height slots
• Shelf dimensions (W x D cm) : 49 x 33
• Shelf loading capability (Kg) : 25 (with uniformly stored material)
• Internal lighting : Nr 1 neon tube, located in the ceiling of the storage chamber,
with automatic activation through a special switch located on the control panel
• Control panel : located in the top part of the structure (above the door) is
compounded by the main switch, lighting switch and digital electronic thermostat
with incorporated alarm
• Main switch : appliance’s ON/OFF switch, adjustable in 2 positions, it became
illuminated when on the position ON
• Lighting switch : to light the internal illumination of the cabinet, adjustable in 2 positions (ON/OFF), it became illuminated when on the position ON
• Digital electronic thermostat with incorporated alarm : microprocessor operating, with 4 switches, allowing the
control of all the freezer functions (maintaining of the set temperature, defrostings, compressor and fans
functioning). The internal temperature is displayed with a LED display, with red colour, bright indication and an
accuracy of 0,1°C. Into its functions, the thermostat includes even an alarm, both acoustic (with a buzzer) and
visual (with indication LED dots) for temperature deviations, both over or below than the programmed one, with
limits that remains adjustable according to the user needs. The acoustic alarm can be even muted through a
special switch
• Cooling unit : bottom mounted, with the condensing unit compounded by Nr 1 hermetic compressor and Nr 1 wire
condenser, air cooled through a fan. Also, in the ceiling of the storage chamber, is mounted the finned evaporator with
copper pipes, that is housed into a plastic cover that incorporate the fan. All the mounted components are industrial
grade to grant the maximum reliability
• Refrigerant : R404a CFC-free
• Refrigeration : forced-air, through a fan, granting the maximum temperature uniformity and stability inside of the
• Defrosting : completely automatic, thermostat controlled. The condensate water is automatically channelled into an
heated tray, located in the motor compartment, for the automatic evaporation of the condensate water
• Temperature range : infinitely adjustable between -5°C / -25°C
• Voltage (V/ph/Hz) : 220-230/1/50
• Plug : Schuko type
• Breakers : Nr 2 glass cartridge fuses with a rating of 10A, at protection of the appliance
• Noise level (dB(A)) : ≤ 50
• Gross capacity (litres) : 400
• Net capacity (litres) : 380

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