Gluco Dr. Auto

The Glucometer test kit is used for self-testing of blood sugar by Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics.

The Gluco Dr codes itself for each new pack of strips used. It's therefore code-free and easy to use.

You simply insert the test strip, apply a very small blood sample and get the results 5 seconds later.

Pushing a button will eject the test strip so no contact is needed with the used test strip.

Gluco Dr can also be used for alternate site testing if recommended by your healthcare professional.

Alternate site testing makes your test far less painful.

Gluco Dr. Auto Test Strips 50 Pcs (213P-GATS-50T)

Gluco Dr is an automatic self-coding Glucometer  

50 Strips, User Manual included in the Glucometer kit

Small 0.5uL blood sample with a fast 5 second result

Less painful alternate site testing (check with your doctor first)

Extremely simple and easy to use with a strip eject button for easy disposal.


• Incl. 25 test strips and 10 lancets
• Stores up to 500 results with date and time
• For up to 5 users
• Ideal for traveling –Dimensions 93.5 x 49.0 x 17.5 (mm)
• Automatic calibration for accurate results
• Clinically tested
• Alternative Site Testing possible (AST)
• Only 0.5 µl blood is necessary
• Measuring time – only 5 seconds
• Measuring range – from 10 – 900 mg/dl
• Eject button
• View the values as mmol/l or mg/dl
• Data transfer via USB

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